Cabras Marine Corporation’s Substantial Ship Repair Workload

Cabras Marine Corporation’s (CMC) ship repair department has had its plates full for Q4 of CY2021. CMC has been awarded and is currently servicing six (6) vessels: USNS Amelia Earhart, USS Emory S. Land, USNS Montford Point, LCS-16 USS Tulsa, LCS-18 USS Charleston, and USS Asheville. With the significant increase in workload, CMC is fully engaged to efficiently support each vessel’s repair & maintenance requirements to showcase its capabilities in providing premier ship repair & maintenance services on the island of Guam. CMC’s goal coincides with the Governor of Guam, Lourdes Aflague “Lou” Leon Guerrero’s mission to establish a more prominent ship repair presence on the island to help fuel the local economy. With the ongoing COVID-19 impact, Guam has seen an increase in military ship visits and has sufficiently provided quality services as required by each ship. It is critical that Guam’s strategic, U.S. based location is maximized by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Overview of CMC’s current workload for the above mentioned six (6) vessels:

  • USNS Amelia Earhart ROH
  • USS Emory S. Land VRA
  • USNS Montford Point Emergent Repair
  • LCS-16 USS Tulsa PMAV, Mast Scaffolding, and Boat Davit Weight Test
  • LCS-18 USS Charleston PMAV
  • USS Asheville Sail Staging

DUNS Number: 855022141

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