Cabras Marine Corporation’s Holiday Gatherings

By keeping a safe and positive mindset, Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) was fortunate to host small holiday gatherings with various operations under the corporate umbrella to celebrate the year 2021 with CMC’s 100% Owner and Chairwoman of the Board, Teresa M. Watkins. The attendance of Ms. Teresa M. Watkins was significant as she was able to directly converse with and observe CMC’s core teams. Notwithstanding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, CMC was able to operate at full capacity, fulfill contractual obligations and engage in new business ventures this year through the guidance of CMC’s executive team. CMC’s core group of leaders continue to pave the way for the corporation’s success through hard work, diligence, and always striving to be part of the solution. Four (4) separate holiday gatherings were coordinated for CMC’s management team, marine operations team, ship repair management team, and the new arrivals of CMC’s H2-B workforce. All gatherings were attended by fully vaccinated personnel with COVID safety precautions practiced and enforced.

CMC’s Management Team:

CMC’s Marine Operations Team:

CMC’s Ship Repair Management Team:

CMC’s H2-B Workforce:

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