Pilotage & Tug Services

Cabras Marine Corporation provides 24-hour tug and pilot services for both military and commercial vessels throughout Guam and the CNMI. Our veteran pilots have extensive experience in assisting commercial and military ships of all sizes and specifications through a full range of harbor maneuvers, operating in conjunction with our fleet of ten tugs to guide both incoming and outgoing vessels. Cabras aims to ensure an efficient flow of marine traffic throughout the ports in the Mariana Islands.

Transportation & Ferry Services

Cabras Marine Corporation owns and operates a fleet of crew boats on Guam and the CNMI. Our crew boats maintain crew and cargo ferry services for the Military Sealift Command’s Maritime Prepositioning Ship Squadron 3 in Guam and Saipan, as well as offering charter services to regional destinations.

Ocean Towage Services

Through our fleet of U.S. flagged tugs and barges, Cabras Marine Corporation offers port-to-port towing and transportation services for vessels, equipment and various cargo to destinations throughout the Western Pacific. Cabras operates as both an independent entity and as a subcontractor for commercial and US government shipping requirements, with a fleet of barges available for charter throughout the region. 

Ship Repair & Industrial Services

Cabras Marine Corporation provides ship repair and maintenance services for commercial and government vessels respectively. Services provided include but are not limited to ship fitting, pipefitting, water blasting, deck repair, painting, mechanical services, scaffolding services, electrical motor rewinding, crane services and dry docking services for vessels under 1,000 tons.

Spill Response Services

Cabras Marine Corporation owns and operates Guam’s Oil Spill Response Operations Company (OSROCO), which is equipped with an array of small craft and specialist equipment. Our comprehensive spill response program focuses on safe and compliant on-water operations for prevention, containment, and protection of oil and fuel spills. OSROCO employees are trained and certified in accordance with Facility Response Team (FRT) standards as specified by the U.S. Federal Government.

Ocean Fuel Delivery Services

Cabras Marine Corporation owns and operates a fuel barge that is able to transport and deliver up to 6,000 barrels of diesel fuel to offshore vessels. We are able to provide same day loading and discharge to sustain an efficient and effective fuel delivery service for our customers. Our personnel conduct diligent assessments on sea conditions and winds to calculate whether delivery services can be provided within our safety standards.