Base Operation Services Contract

DZSP21 received notice that the Federal Court ruled in their favor regarding the recent protest on the BOSC award.  We are expected to remain in the contract throughout the year until Feb 28, 2019, at which time, the award of the BOSC will be revisited by the Government. 

The Harbor Security Boats are run in a 24/7 operation, racking up insurmountable engine hours on each boat, requiring constant care at all times as well as immediate attention at a moment’s notice. In the months of May through July, PACSEA engineers have completed a total of 132 work orders in support of the mission.  In addition to completing these work orders, the engineers are currently performing a boat alteration to install a new radar system on one of the security boats.  This boat alteration has yet to be performed elsewhere which makes our current project, the prototype for any future radar boat alterations.  Another change not yet seen before is the upgrade of generators.  The generators that initially came with the boat have been discontinued, making the upgrade necessary.  To date, we have installed a total of four new generators onto the boats.

The Beaver Boats also support a 24/7 operation. In the months of May – July, a total of 1,430 moves were performed – on time and consistent with requirements. 

DZSP21’s Quality Department conducted a Quality Control Inspection (QCI) on PACSEA, at the end of July.  During the QCI, the inspector sampled work orders and Barrier Gate Operations logs, shadowed engineers, observed processes used to perform job tasks and inspected required credentials for Boat Operators.  The collected data was compared against the spec items in the Project Work Statement (PWS) and PACSEA received zero non-conformities 🙂

PACSEA also hosted the semi-annual inspection of the Barrier Gate.  An off-island representative from NAVFAC EXWC conducted the inspection on July 3rd and there were no major concerns found.  The inspection prompted routine repair work for PACSEA to complete on behalf of the main contractor, Harbor Offshore Inc.  These repairs have been successfully completed.

DUNS Number: 855022141

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