1st Quarter – Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) Gathering

CMC hosted its employee luncheon and recognized its outstanding nominees, and awardees for its EOQ, 1st Quarter 2018.  Under the CMC umbrella, there were numerous EOQ  nominee submissions representing the various departments, subsidiaries, and entities from PACDIM Ship Repair (SR) & Shore Support (SS), PACSEA, PMS, PAP, Seabridge, OSRO, and CABTUG Marine Operations.  To add to the celebration, CMC Chairwoman and Owner, Mrs. Terry Watkins, was on-island and onsite to assist in recognizing our outstanding men and women.

Congratulations to the following nominees: Melbourne Talledo (Electrician Apprentice – SR), Ian Madlutk (Pipefitter Apprentice – SR), Michael Guerrero (Leasing Specialist – PAP), Doreen Flores (Parking Attendant – PMS), Claudine Camacho (Supervisor – PMS), Peter Mantanona (Warehouse Supervisor – PACDIM), Cameron Cabrera (Mechanical Supervisor – SR), Daniel Godoy (Painter/Blaster Foreman – SR), Kenneth Landry (Electrical Foreman – SR), Johnarud Balatico (Mechanical Foreman – SR), Ariel Salanatin (Electrician – SR), Ray Cruz (Rigger Foreman – PACDIM), and Manuel Calvo (Insulator/Lagger – SR).  

Kudos to the following 1st Quarter EOQ Awardees:

​Safety Awardee – Adrian Carlos (Electrician – Ship Repair)

​Salary EOQ – Peter Mantanona (Warehouse Supervisor – PACDIM)

Ship Repair EOQ – Kenneth Landry (Electrical Foreman – Ship Repair)

Operations EOQ – Michael Guerrero (Leasing Specialist – PACAIR PROPERTIES)

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