The USNS Earhart MTA

USNS Earhart – The USNS Earhart MTA was completed at Tango Pier. It was a successful 28-day availability heavy in mechanical, electrical, and preservation repairs. CMC brought in and managed several OEM subcontractors required to execute specialized repairs and overhauls in conjunction with in-house production work.

CMC Ship Repair recently relocated from the Ship Repair Facility in Naval Base Guam and returned to our main headquarters at the Commercial Port in Piti in October of last year. With this move, we have expanded beyond our government contracts with MSC and serve commercial clients such as DZSP, Commercial Cargo Clients, and Fishing Vessels. Our government clients include MSC, US Navy, and US Coast Guard. We also maintain and service our internal assets such as our Tugs, Crewboats, and Barges.

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