M/T Magas & M/T Polaris Arrival on Guam

Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) had the pleasure of welcoming the latest addition to our fleet, M/T Magas and M/T Polairs on Guam. The two sister tugs are U.S. Flagged and will primarily operate in support of commercial and military operations in Apra Harbor, Guam and Tanapag Harbor, CNMI. CMC remains committed to investing in the future of Guam and the CNMI by creating job opportunities and showcasing Guam’s strategic location for port operations and military presence. CMC values its significant service in ensuring smooth port entry operations in the Micronesia region.

M/T Magas Arrival:

M/T Polaris Arrival:

M/T Magas and M/T Polaris First Movements:

DUNS Number: 855022141

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