2021 Employees of the 1st Quarter (Guam and Saipan)

Cabras Marine Corporation’s (CMC) management team would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for the amazing work all of our employees have done during the past year notwithstanding the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The professionalism, loyalty and endless hours spent working efficiently is recognized and immensely appreciated.

The support provided by our employees has allowed the company to reach milestones and deliver reliable, on-demand services to our government and commercial customers. Without our customers, our business would not exist. With that being said it is a top priority to continue to keep focus on providing reliable, efficient and professional services to our valued customers.

CMC would like to congratulate all of the nominated employees of the quarter for both our Guam and Saipan operations teams. Despite many challenges and hurdles, we don’t focus on the problems, we focus on the solutions. And all of our dedicated, hard-working employees are the onset of the solution.

Guam’s Employees of the Quarter:

Luke WeisenbergerShip Repair – Preservation
Jonathon RosarioShip Repair – Rigging
Matthew SablanShip Repair – Structural
Ethan AtoigueShip Repair – Group Svcs
Sandy MalalisShip Repair – Electrical
Mar MalalisShip Repair – Mechanical
Malaina BlasShip Repair – Mechanical
Tommy SappMarine Ops
Joel Amada Jr.Marine Ops
Nicholas CruzMarine Ops
Jose GenovaniaMarine Ops
Larry AustriaMarine Ops
Dylan LizamaMarine Ops
Kristian GarridoMarine Ops
Buenaventura MontevirgenMarine Ops
Ricardo BlasMarine Ops
Sharlene IlilauParking Management System
Danilo BumacodPACSEA
Gerimiah PinaulaPACSEA
Van Delos ReyesPACSEA
Jacob CastroPACSEA
Isiah LagutangSeabridge
Joe PalomoCMC
Hector LugtuPacair Properties
Don Allen IgnacioCMC
Cameron CabreraCMC
Graig ReyesCMC
Jun DrizaShip Repair
Jesse CastroShore Support
Franklin FinonaShip Repair – P&C
Shawn DamianShip Repair – Structural
Toriano BarkerShip Repair – Structural
Pio Oponda Ship Repair – Dock
Jose MunozShip Repair – Dock
Fernando MagbuhatShip Repair – Dock

Saipan’s Employees of the Quarter:

Fernando BenaventeSaipan Crewboats
Dylan CamachoOSROCo
Patrick UlechongSMC
Michelle TomokanaSeabridge
Albert ForteoSeabridge

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