Guam’s Village Bookshelf Project

Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) is proud of its very own, Noel Semolava, who took part in decorating the village of Agat’s local bookshelf as part of The Village Bookshelf Contest held during Mes CHamoru (CHamoru Month). The project was part of the University of Guam Press’ Youth Empowerment Initiative and funded by the Governor of Guam’s Education Assistance and Youth Empowerment Grant Program. As part of the project and a way to spark engagement amount youth in the community, collections of 45 books capturing the unique and lived experiences of people and cultures in the West pacific were provided to all villages and 20 community-based organizations.

CMC’s Noel Semolava played a significant role in the competition to decorate village bookshelves. Through his volunteered services, Noel utilized his artistic skills in leading the village of Agat to 2nd place in the island-wide competition as well as being voted as the People’s Choice for winning bookshelf display resulting in cash prizes and a special workshop for the youth of Agat. The competition was an opportunity for each village to create a space where their residents can feel excited and inspired by the stories they read.

Noel truly embodied the values of hard work and dedication of CMC’s personnel. He would spend numerous hours decorating Agat’s bookshelf during his off-hours from working full-time as CMC’s Group Services Superintendent. CMC is proud of Noel’s efforts to promote cultural literacy and awareness, as well as attracting residents to visit Agat’s mayor’s offices and strengthen their sense of community pride.

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