M/T Polaris and M/T Magas Christening

Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) and Saipan Marine Corporation (SMC) celebrated the christening of newly acquired assets M/T Polaris on December 7th, 2022 and M/T Magas on December 8th, 2022. CMC and SMC’s business associates and island dignitaries were in attendance as CMC Owner and Chairwoman Teresa M. Watkins, Guam’s Sigundo Maga’låhi  (Lieutenant Governor) Joshua Tenorio, Port Authority of Guam’s General Manager Rory Respicio, and CNMI Governor Arnold I. Palacios did the honor of christening the company’s latest marine assets. Special thanks goes out to Monsignor James Benavente for officially blessing these tugs for their ongoing operations in the Micronesia region.

The vessels were acquired to improve performance capabilities in support of both CMC and SMC’s commercial and military marine operations in Apra Harbor and Tanapag Harbor.  Sister tugs, M/T Polaris and M/T Magas were built in 2000 with z-drive propulsion and max bollard pull of 43 tons. 

The acquisition of these U.S. Flagged vessels prove CMC and SMC’s commitment in investing in the future of the maritime industry in the Micronesia region by providing reliable, on demand services. It is paramount to ensure efficient operations for a steady flow of marine traffic through Apra Harbor and increased capacity for transshipment throughout the region.

M/T Polaris Christening:

M/T Magas Christening:

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