Workforce Training Sessions: Cabras Marine Corporation

A select few of Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) marine personnel are currently in Norfolk, Virginia attending training courses with the Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy (MAMA). CMC values our relationship with MAMA as they have continuously assisted with the upwards mobility of CMC’s marine workforce. MAMA’s training platform is exceptional even throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as the offer USCG-Approved HYBRID Distance Learning for select Deck and Engine Room courses, allowing participants to Learn Online and then Test In Person in Norfolk, Virginia.

CMC is fully committed to providing its hard-working workforce with opportunities to upgrade their licenses and attend training sessions to increase their skillsets. CMC currently has its personnel (Jose Rey Genovania, Alan Pinkine, JeriMay Tudela, Simon Mandapit) completing requirements for STCW endorsement / AB upgrades and tugboat captain attending refresher courses.

DUNS Number: 855022141

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