U.S. Ballistic Missile Submarine Arrival in Guam

Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) is pleased to have been able to support with the safe and secure port arrival of a U.S. ballistic missile submarine in Guam on Saturday amid tensions in the Indo-Pacific region. CMC, a woman-owned, U.S. small business, is committed to the U.S. Department of Navy (DON) to provide efficient services aligning with the DON’s mission. The USS Nevada arrived at Apra Harbor in Guam on Saturday, in which CMC was able to assist with docking and pilotage services for the U.S. ballistic missile submarine.

The USS Nevada is an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine that is typically kept at Naval Base Kitsap in Washington state. It serves as an undetectable launch platform for ballistic missiles. The vessel provides the U.S. with its “most survivable leg of the nuclear triad,” according to the Navy. It carries 20 Trident ballistic missiles and is armed with dozens of nuclear warheads. Because the vessel is nuclear-powered, it can reportedly function while being submerged for several months at a time. “The port visit strengthens cooperation between the United States and allies in the region, demonstrating US capability, flexibility, readiness, and continuing commitment to Indo-Pacific regional security and stability,” a US Navy statement said.

CMC’s tug M/T Endurance, M/T Matua, and M/T Hurao assisted with the docking evolution for the USS Nevada through the guidance of Capt. Edgar Jabinigay as pilot.

DUNS Number: 855022141

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