Saipan Crewboats’ First Female Operator

Saipan Crewboats, Inc. (SCI) is proud to announce Captain Jeri May Tudela who has completed her first solo run as a crew boat operator this morning. Capt. Jeri has been with the company for a couple years and made it a goal to become a licensed captain capable of operating our crew boats. Her hard work and persistence has definitely paid off as she is now SCI’s first female operator. A job well done to the leadership and fellow team members at SCI for supporting Capt. Jeri through her certification and training process. Biba Capt. Jeri!

Running in parallel across the various companies, SCI is fully committed to providing its hard-working, local workforce with opportunities to upgrade their licenses and attend training sessions to increase their skillsets.

DUNS Number: 855022141

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