Commitment to Customers

We are committed to providing a quality experience fulfilling all customer necessities in a timely manner. By prioritizing our customers’ needs, we are able to strategically plan work orders and execute goals efficiently to meet project deadlines. In turn, we maintain and establish healthy relationships with clients. The growth of our customer base is dependent on providing increased capabilities on Guam. As we develop these capabilities, the volume of vessels from its current customer base and the type of work performed on these vessels will continue to develop. Since entering the ship repair and maintenance market on Guam. We have claimed federal market share from these competitors and become the leading provider to the U.S. government. This is due to the high quality and efficiency of our services and our strong safety and strict compliance culture.

With a large range of capabilities, we are able to adapt and provide on-demand services for our clients all over the world. With this we are able to maintain high quality services with a priority on safety for the community, workers and the environment.