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USS Roosevelt Docking (4 tugs, aircraft carrier ship)
February 7, 2020

Cabras Marine Corporation had yet another proud moment as we supported the arrival of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) on February 7, 2020. The move required four of our tractor tugs and CMC’s Captain Edgar Jabinjgay was the pilot onboard the aircraft carrier that held over 5,000 servicemen.  

Underwater Construction Dive Team 2
January 14 – February 4, 2020

Cabras Marine Corporation was contracted by DZSP to support a dive platform boat for the Navy’s Underwater Construction Dive Team 2 (UCT2).  The Crewboat Micronesian support the operations as the dive platform boat.  The Period of Performance was scheduled for 22 days from Jan 14 – Feb 04, 2020 and dive operations to place in the inner and outer Apra Harbor allowing divers to inspect Navy owned buoys throughout the harbor.  

Ship Repair Operations
January 31, 2020

Feeding off an amazing 2019, Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) is continuing its growth in Ship Repair & Maintenance operations throughout 2020. CMC recently completed repair and maintenance of one of our Fuel Barges Gadao on January 31st.  It is essential that our vessels are maintained properly in order to provide highly effective operations. On top of repairing and maintaining our own vessels, CMC has been awarded 6 ship repair contracts for government owned vessels throughout the first half of 2020. Currently, we have the USCG Washington in our AFDL 21 Floating Drydock and the MKVI 1206 docked on our pier space at PACDIM.

Cabras Marine Corporation’s Employee Recognition
January 31, 2020

The main reason Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) had a fantastic year in 2019 was due to the core of our whole operation -- our dedicated employees. In efforts to give back to our employees, on January 31st, CMC held an employee recognition sundowner event with fun music, delicious food, and positive energy. It is essential to the CMC family that we take care of our own and reward them for outstanding work ethic shown in our community. Employees in all divisions: Ship Repair & Maintenance, Safety, Shore Support, Tug and Crewboat Operations, OSROCO, and Procurement received honorable mentions.

Along with the celebration of our employees, we were sad to greet a farewell to two of our employees Dakota Topsana, who started out as an apprentice and worked upwards to a journeyman and Kimberly Duenas who has been with CMC for over 20 years. We are proud of the hard work and dedication that Dakota and Kimberly contributed to CMC and hope nothing but the best as they move on to their next chapter.

Annual End of the Year Holiday Celebration
December 21, 2020

Cabras Marine Corporation and its family of companies celebrated the end of the year by hosting our annual holiday party. After a successful 2019, both the Guam and Saipan teams celebrated their dedicated employees at the Outrigger Resort and Aqua Resort accordingly. With good music, fun entertainment, and delicious food it was a joyous event for our employees to recap and celebrate their accomplishments. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous 2020.

Guam Registered Apprenticeship Forum – Let’s Get To Work - HIREGUAM

November 12 & 13, 2019


The Guam Department of Labor hosted a two day Apprenticeship forum, Nov. 12&13, 2019 at the Dusit Thani Guam Resort.  The event allowed for local, regional and national industry experts explain the successes of apprenticeship and how we all can support businesses and other organizations to work together in developing a skilled workforce on Guam.  CMC President, Joe Cruz, was one of the guest panelist highlighting the success of the Apprenticeship Program, and how it can benefit the community (in addition to Companies adopting the standards) as a whole. 


Also, 2019 Electrician Apprentice Graduate and employee of CMC, Melbourne Talledo, was one of many graduates recognized during the ceremony by our island leadership community, as well as representatives of U.S. Department of Labor.  Congratulations again Melbourne!!

National Guard Career Symposium

October 26, 2019


Cabras Marine Corporation participated in the first Annual Guam National Guard Open House Symposium hosted by Citizen Soldiers For Life located at the Guam National Guard Readiness Center.  The event drew the interest hundreds of potential candidates from veterans, current service members, as well as the public.   

Seabridge, Inc. celebrates 25 years of service to Micronesia, the Pacific and Indian Oceans. 


The Guam Chamber of Commerce presented Seabridge, Inc. its 25th Anniversary Award during the annual Election Meeting on November 20, 2019. 


Seabridge, Inc. continues to provide US Cargo Preference Compliant, on-demand cargo transportation to Government and Commercial clientele throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  Seabridge, Inc’s fleet of US-Flagged Ocean Tugs and Barges have the capacity to deliver containerized, breakbulk, rolling-stock, and loose cargo to any port in the world.   

Seabridge (SBI) / Black Construction (BCC) Friendship Cup

October 13, 2019


FORE!!!  On October 13, 2019, the 2nd Annual Golf Friendship Cup took place between SBI & BCC teams.  BCC hosted the alternating event at Starts Golf course; the format of play was Ryder Cup match play style with each team fielding 10 players.  After splitting last year’s matchup with a “tie,”  Team BCC came out in full force winning this year’s Friendship Cup by a margin of 7-3.  Forecast for the day showed heavy showers, and while it turned out to be a sunny day, Team BCC showered down with Birdies and Pars to cruise with the win.  Team SBI had a blast winning some good times with our great friends at BCC.  Special thanks to Mr. Leonard Kaae (Senior Vice President & General Manager for BCC), Tournament Directors Joe Castro & Mike Cura, and the rest of the Team BCC for your warm hospitality, amazing golf shirts, and awesome ditty bags.  Team SBI looks forward to hosting next year’s Friendship Cup.

We’re Fueled to Deliver

October 4, 2019


During a 2-week evolution, our Saipan Team delivered over 1.3MM Gallons of fuel onboard the Barge “Gadao” supporting MSC ships USNS STOCKHAM, USNS DAHL, & USNS JOHN GLENN which started on Sept. 21st.  Considering the delivery amount and tight window, Mr. Nate Perez (Supervisor) and his team of three (St. Michael Achas, Ramon Quiambao, & Juan Quitugua) successfully delivered fuel to our customers in a timely and safe manner despite a changing weather environment.  Kudos to our team for their hard work and continued dedication while showcasing our Company motto “Safety is Paramount.”

CMC/GCC Ship Repair Bootcamp II (The Sequel)

September 30, 2019


Following the success of its first Ship Repair Bootcamp, CMC & GCC launched Bootcamp II on September 30, 2019, now underway with 20 participants and three alternates who will be trained in various trades and career skills.  The Boot Camp trains qualified candidates in carpentry, electrical, welding, plumbing and painting/blasting. Upon successful completion of the 12-week course, all candidates will be employed with CMC as future apprentices. CMC remains committed to developing and educating our island workforce to support ship repair capabilities on Guam and the Pacific.  Completion ceremony is slated for December 20, 2019.  We’re looking forward to employing our next batch of apprentices.


June 3, 2019 – August 16, 2019


In partnership with the Guam Community College, Cabras Marine Corporation successfully launched the first ever Ship Repair Transportation Boot Camp on June 3, 2019 with 21 candidates completing the 12-week program consisting of welding, preservation, and plumbing (pipefitting).  Additional courses included Industrial Safety, OSHA, Work Ethics, and 1st Aid & CPR.  On Aug. 16th, the island community celebrated the bootcamp completion ceremony for then candidates, and now employees (apprentices) of Cabras Marine Corporation.  


Special thanks to our keynote speakers and island leadership for attending – Honorable Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, Honorable Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio, Honorable Senators Regine Biscoe Lee & Amanda Shelton, Captain Jeff Grimes, GCC Chairman Frank Arriola & GCC Board, Directors – Jayne Flores (Dept. of Guam Women’s Affairs), Phyliss Leon Guerrero (Dept. of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities), Fred Bordallo (Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs), & David Dell’isola (Dept. of Labor).  Also, would like to thank Dr. Mary Okada (GCC President) and her team – Joann Waki Muna (Special Projects/Asst. to President), Rowena Perez (Assistant Director - Continuing Education & Workforce Development), Melvin Cruz (Apprenticeship Program Coordinator); GCC Instructors – Erwin Tudela, Keith Quinata, Joe Garret, Barbara Mafnas, and Gil Yanger.


Congratulations to our new apprentices and their families.  Thank you for your time and commitment endeavoring 12-weeks of training.  We wish you all the best and success with our find organization.  Our New Apprentices - Albert Reyes, Brandon Barnes, Brian Howard, David Benevente, Drake Eber, Edwin Flores, Erica Villagomez, Ethan Atoigue, Isitor Edmond, Joelle Quenga, Jun Drizza, Lawrence Castro, Malaina Blas, Marcella Zamora, Matthew Sablan, Nateesha Mendiola, Raymond Towai, Ryan Nance, Terrence Harris, Terrence Rabon, & Yvonne Iriarte.


Ship Repair Bootcamp II (The Sequel) – At the Completion Ceremony, CMC & GCC jointly announced the launch of the next bootcamp slated to take place Sept. 30th.  Selected candidates who complete the 12-week program will be offered full-time positions as apprentices with Cabras Marine Corporation.

On July 18 and 23


Cabras Marine Corporation successfully supported the deployment and operation of the Wave Glider, an unmanned surface vehicle operated by FGS, LLC.  The crew of CB Micronesian loaded the Wave Glider at CMC’s PACDIM facility, deployed the Wave Glider approximately two nautical miles outside of Apra Harbor, and provided monitoring support while the Wave Glider conducted offshore scientific monitoring operations at sea.

Guam’s 75th Liberation Day Parade

July 21, 2019


The crew, family, friends, and affiliates of Cabras Marine Corporation were in attendance at Guam’s 75th Liberation Day Parade. This was Guam’s 75th year in remembrance of its war history and celebration of peace.  Cabras Marine Corporation dedicated food, drinks and entertainment to its hard-working crew and loved ones to kick back and let loose. It was a hot, sunny day, but the smiles on the faces in attendance were incredibly heartwarming to witness. It is a key component for Cabras Marine Corporation to show it’s family oriented values.

National Maritime Day

May 22, 2019


Cabras Marine Corporation, along with  members of the local maritime community, attended the Proclamation for National Maritime Day (May 22, 2019).  The Proclamation was signed by the Honorable Governor Lou Leon Guerrero along side Cmdr. Ted Huebner, commanding officer, Military Sealift Command Ship Support Unit Guam (left), Capt. Christopher Chase, Commanding Officer (CO), USCG Sector Guam (immediate right), and the Honorable Senator Jose Terlaje (far right) who serves on the Committee on Public Safety, Border Safety, Military and Veteran Affairs, Mayors Council, Infrastructure and Public Transit.  National Maritime Day is held annually to honor the nation’s merchant mariners and seafarers.

Upcoming CMC Ship Repair Boot Camp

June 03 – August 16, 2019


Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC), in partnership with the Guam Community College (GCC), is pleased to announce its first ever Ship Repair Boot Camp slated to start on June 3rd.  CMC aims to graduate 20 candidates through this 12-week boot camp comprising of the following classes –  welding, painting (preservation), and plumbing (pipefitting).  Trade theory instruction will be held at GCC while lab work will take place at CMC’s PACDIM location providing candidates real life learning experiences with ship repair.  Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will be offered employment as an Apprentice hire for the trades studied.


On April 17, 2019, CMC presented alongside GCC the intent of the boot camp to the Mayor’s Council of Guam, and the benefits it brings to our island community.  Many of the mayors expressed interest and asked for more information to provide to their respective village constituents. This collaboration with GCC is funded through federal grants and reaffirms CMC’s commitment to revitalizing the ship repair industry on Guam through an educated local workforce.

“Tug Chamorro, Barge S2007, and Tug Mangilao arrived safely in Wake Island as part of a 26-day charter with Black Construction Corporation.  Seabridge was engaged to demobilize construction materials and equipment from Wake Island to Guam.  Pictured here are: Tug Chamorro and Barge S2007 entering the channel mouth in Wake Island with Tug Mangilao in the rear providing docking assistance; loading operations pier-side at Wake Island; and Barge maneuvering with Tugs Chamorro and Mangilao inside the Wake Island Harbor prior to departure to Guam.”

Super Typhoon Yutu Disaster Recovery


On October 25, 2018, Super Typhoon Yutu made landfall on Tinian as the strongest typhoon to hit the Mariana Islands on record, and the second strongest tropical cyclone to hit the United States and its Territories, and the strongest storm worldwide in 2018.    


Between November 2018 and March 2019, Seabridge provided critical disaster recovery services to the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) following catastrophic destruction in Tinian and Saipan. Seabridge tugs and barges carried out upwards of 40 disaster relief voyages between Guam, Saipan, and Tinian, carrying essential food, materials, and equipment in support of humanitarian and recovery efforts.


Seabridge's support for FEMA operations included cargo missions and ground delivery to deliver critical equipment for the CNMI Government, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Navy Seabees, the US Army and Guam Army National Guard. 


FEMA provided Seabridge an outstanding scorecard for responsiveness, flexibility, and professional execution, stating that Seabridge's efforts set a new and exceptional standard for public-private partnerships with FEMA.  


The USCG National Strike Force Coordination Center conducted the Preparedness Assessment Visit on OSROCO/T&T Guam and Saipan, from March 13-19, 2019.   The assessment is done every 4 years to validate the spill response inventory and ensuring equipment performance.   OSROCo/T&T is a USCG Classified (#115) Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) for District 14, Sector Mariana Islands with capability of air lifting additional response equipment from the Galveston Tx, Singapore and the Philippines.   The Strike Force team was impressed and satisfied with the results.


December 29, 2018


Cabras Marine Corporation and its family of companies hosted its annual end of the year holiday gathering, celebrating its hardworking employees both on Guam and Saipan, as well as recapping our collective accomplishment during 2018.  The Guam team held its event outdoors at the beautiful Tonggan Beach Resort in Ipan, Talofofo and our Saipan Team celebrated its gathering indoors at the Aqua Resort Club in Saipan.  Between both celebrations, it was day of fun under the sun on Guam with volleyball games, water slides, face painting, and balloon are for the kids; the team on Saipan also had a host of games which included white elephant and some creative games involving the entire group.  It was a joyous and exciting event for both locations, honoring our employees who had a blast and appreciative of the gathering. Special thanks to the committee organizing the event – Michelle Duenas, Elaine Cruz-Torres, and Noreen Sablan (Guam);  Michelle Tomokane and Albert Forteo (Saipan). Wishing all our employees a very healthy, safe, happy, and prosperous 2019.

CMC had another proud moment supporting the arrival and departure of the CV Ronald Reagan on their recent Guam Port Visit. CMC’s tractor tug fleet under the guidance of Capt Edgar Jabinjgay who was the Pilot on Board the Carrier.

Subchapter M Training (Guam & Saipan)               

October 13 & 14, 2018


CMC leadership arranged for Subchapter M training as part of its ongoing commitment to safety at sea and industry compliance with the new regulations.  Training was conducted on Guam (10/13) and Saipan (10/14) tailored for Marine Ops leadership and personnel which had 100% participation from all Pilots, Masters, Engineers, and Deckhands within Tugboat and Crewboat operations.  Training was conducted by Kyle McAvoy (Marine Safety/Naval Architect Expert) employed by Robson Forensic, Inc.  It was a very engaged and interactive training session, with Kyle McAvoy also providing some insights as a retired USCG O6 Captain.

In preparation for TYPHOON MANGKHUT's approach over the island on Monday,9/10, PACSEA personnel worked to disassemble each section of the Port Security Barrier and secure at designated Typhoon Mooring buoys the day

before the storm. 


Following the storm's passing, repairs were required to bring the PSB back to fully functional. Repairs were accomplished and the PSB was reassembled in place by Wednesday, 9/12. 

Cabras Marine Corporation hosted USCG officers at its PACDIM Facility on Wednesday, August 22 for a quick tour and discussion on  the implementation of Subchapter M. Present from the US Coast Guard was Captain/O6 Dave McClellan, Chief, Prevention Division USCG District 14; Capt. Christopher Chase, Captain of the Port USCG Sector Guam, LCDR J.J. Schock, Prevention Dept. Head USCG Sector Guam and CMDR Joshua Empen, Deputy Sector Commander USCG Sector Guam. 

Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) notably demonstrated its Ship Repair dry docking capability, docking four (4) military vessels between May1 – Jul17.   USCG Cutter Washington was docked in CMC’s AFDL 21 Floating Drydock, with a Period of Performance from May 01 – June 17, 2018 simultaneously CMC docked three (3) MK VI vessels assigned to Naval Base Guam at its 720 ft. pier. Period of Performance from May 29 – July 17, 2018


CMC’s success was contributed by the professionals in its workforce and performing on the only Ship Repair Docking Facility in the Marianas.

1st Quarter – Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) Gathering

May 18, 2018


CMC hosted its employee luncheon and recognized its outstanding nominees, and awardees for its EOQ, 1st Quarter 2018.  Under the CMC umbrella, there were numerous EOQ  nominee submissions representing the various departments, subsidiaries, and entities from PACDIM Ship Repair (SR) & Shore Support (SS), PACSEA, PMS, PAP, Seabridge, OSRO, and CABTUG Marine Operations.  To add to the celebration, CMC Chairwoman and Owner, Mrs. Terry Watkins, was on-island and onsite to assist in recognizing our outstanding men and women.


Congratulations to the following nominees: Melbourne Talledo (Electrician Apprentice – SR), Ian Madlutk (Pipefitter Apprentice – SR), Michael Guerrero (Leasing Specialist – PAP), Doreen Flores (Parking Attendant – PMS), Claudine Camacho (Supervisor – PMS), Peter Mantanona (Warehouse Supervisor – PACDIM), Cameron Cabrera (Mechanical Supervisor – SR), Daniel Godoy (Painter/Blaster Foreman – SR), Kenneth Landry (Electrical Foreman – SR), Johnarud Balatico (Mechanical Foreman – SR), Ariel Salanatin (Electrician – SR), Ray Cruz (Rigger Foreman – PACDIM), and Manuel Calvo (Insulator/Lagger – SR).  


Kudos to the following 1st Quarter EOQ Awardees:


​Safety Awardee – Adrian Carlos (Electrician – Ship Repair)


​Salary EOQ – Peter Mantanona (Warehouse Supervisor – PACDIM)


Ship Repair EOQ – Kenneth Landry (Electrical Foreman – Ship Repair)


Operations EOQ – Michael Guerrero (Leasing Specialist – PACAIR PROPERTIES)

DZSP21 received notice that the Federal Court ruled in their favor regarding the recent protest on the BOSC award.  We are expected to remain in the contract throughout the year until Feb 28, 2019, at which time, the award of the BOSC will be revisited by the Government. 


The Harbor Security Boats are run in a 24/7 operation, racking up insurmountable engine hours on each boat, requiring constant care at all times as well as immediate attention at a moment’s notice. In the months of May through July, PACSEA engineers have completed a total of 132 work orders in support of the mission.  In addition to completing these work orders, the engineers are currently performing a boat alteration to install a new radar system on one of the security boats.  This boat alteration has yet to be performed elsewhere which makes our current project, the prototype for any future radar boat alterations.  Another change not yet seen before is the upgrade of generators.  The generators that initially came with the boat have been discontinued, making the upgrade necessary.  To date, we have installed a total of four new generators onto the boats.


The Beaver Boats also support a 24/7 operation. In the months of May - July, a total of 1,430 moves were performed - on time and consistent with requirements. 


DZSP21's Quality Department conducted a Quality Control Inspection (QCI) on PACSEA, at the end of July.  During the QCI, the inspector sampled work orders and Barrier Gate Operations logs, shadowed engineers, observed processes used to perform job tasks and inspected required credentials for Boat Operators.  The collected data was compared against the spec items in the Project Work Statement (PWS) and PACSEA received zero non-conformities :)


PACSEA also hosted the semi-annual inspection of the Barrier Gate.  An off-island representative from NAVFAC EXWC conducted the inspection on July 3rd and there were no major concerns found.  The inspection prompted routine repair work for PACSEA to complete on behalf of the main contractor, Harbor Offshore Inc.  These repairs have been successfully completed. 

USNS Earhart – The USNS Earhart MTA was completed at Tango Pier. It was a successful 28-day availability heavy in mechanical, electrical, and preservation repairs. CMC brought in and managed several OEM subcontractors required to execute specialized repairs and overhauls in conjunction with in-house production work.


CMC Ship Repair recently relocated from the Ship Repair Facility in Naval Base Guam and returned to our main headquarters at the Commercial Port in Piti in October of last year. With this move, we have expanded beyond our government contracts with MSC and serve commercial clients such as DZSP, Commercial Cargo Clients, and Fishing Vessels. Our government clients include MSC, US Navy, and US Coast Guard. We also maintain and service our internal assets such as our Tugs, Crewboats, and Barges.

Tis The Season – Saipan Holiday Gathering

December 19, 2017

 Our family of companies in Saipan – Saipan Marine Corp. (SMC), Saipan Crewboats Inc. (SCI), & Seabridge Inc. (SBI) – held its Annual Holiday Gathering luncheon.  In addition to Secret Santa Exchange gifts, and enjoying a delicious holiday feast, employees were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments for 3rd & 4th Quarter 2017.  Special guests present included Mr. Tony Camacho (Operations Supervisor – CPA) and CWO Michael Thomas (Inspector – USCG) who assisted in recognizing our outstanding team and nominees.

 3rd Quarter - Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) Nominees & Recipient

Michelle Hamilton – Executive Assistant (SBI).  Employee of the Quarter

Jonathan Clark – AB (SMC)

Fernando Benavente – Crewboat Deckhand/AB (SCI)

Recto Velena – Maintenance (SCI)


4th Quarter - Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) Nominees & Recipient

Michael Achas – Deckhand, Barge Operations (SMC). Employee of the Quarter

Justis Alvarez – Crewboat Operator (SCI)

Albert Forteo – Accountant (SBI)

Rocillo Gerardo – Maintenance (SCI)

M/T MATUA Christening

September 27, 2017


Saipan Marine Coproration celebrated the Christening of its latest asset, Motor Tug (M/T) MATUA.  With over 75 friends, business associates, and island dignitaries in attendance, CMC Owner and Chairwoman, Mrs. Terry Marshall Watkins did the honor of Christening the M/T Matua.  M/T Matua was blessed by CNMI’s Bishop, Rev. Ryan P. Jimenez, followed by a special cultural blessing with Simayan Manaina-ta.


Like her sister tug on Guam (M/T Agility), the M/T Matua is a harbor tractor tug with Azimuth thrusters, the newest asset to join our fleet as part of our continued commitment to serve our island and Pacific region. Built in 2006, M/T Matua has a gross tonnage of 291 tons and is 86.2 feet long with a breadth of 32.2 feet and depth of 14.4 feet.  She has a bollard pull of 50 tons and a speed of 12 knots

On August 23rd, Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) celebrated the Christening of its latest asset, Motor Tug Agility.  With over 100 friends, business associates, and island dignitaries in attendance, CMC Owner and Chairwoman, Mrs. Terry Marshall Watkins did the honor of Christening the M/T Agility.


The M/T Agility is a harbor tractor tug with Azimuth thrusters, the newest asset to join our Guam fleet as part of our continued commitment to serve our island and Pacific region. The Agility, built in 2006, has a gross tonnage of 291 tons and is 86.2 feet long with a breadth of 32.2 feet and depth of 14.4 feet.  She has a bollard pull of 50 tons and a speed of 12 knots.

August 5, 2017


CMC and SMC welcomed its latest additions to its Guam and Saipan fleet. The M/T AGILITY and M/T MATUA, both US Flagged, arrived on island after a 30 day journey from port of origin. CMC and SMC will christen these tugs for operation in Aug2017.

Saipan Marine Corporation said goodbye to one of its original employees since it began business in Saipan. Captain Guillermo T. Faller , Chief Pilot and General Manager , of Saipan Marine Corporation has decided to retire and enjoy his Family. On May 3, 2017, our owner Terry Marshall Watkins hosted dinner and cocktails in honor of Capt Faller's retirement at the Aqua Resort on Saipan which was well attended by friends , Family and Business Associates of Capt Faller. A brief video presentation showing Capt Faller's career with Saipan Marine as well as accolades shared by those in attendance contributed to a very heartwarming event. Capt Faller spent 25 years working with Saipan Marine Corporation and Cabras Marine Corporation.


Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) was recently awarded federal contracts to provide Ship Repair Service on U.S. Navy assets assigned to Naval Base Guam.  Awarded to CMC were the Barrier (Beaver) Boat #2 Overhaul, Preservation and Fabrication of two (2) Barrier Boat Cradles and repairs to YC1478.   The Barrier Boat is a National Security asset used to open and secure the barrier gate which separates the Inner Apra Harbor from Outer Apra Harbor.     The Barrier Boat Cradles is used to support dry docking of Barrier Boats and/or secure the boats on the pier during heavy weather such as Typhoons.  The YC1478 is a cargo barge used to delivery logistics and stores to Navy vessels and as a breasting barge for Navy Aircraft Carriers when alongside a berthing pier.


CMC performed the work at its PACDIM Ship Repair Facility located at the commercial port F2 Pier.  Repairs, fabrication and overhaul was supported by CMC personnel in Engineering, Planning, Quality Control (QC), Shipfitting, Welding, Pipefitting, Blasting, Painting, Insulation, Mechanical and Electrical.   Requirements on the Barrier Boat Cradles and YC1478 was completed as schedule on June 30, 2017.  Barrier Boat #2 remains at PACDIM and is on schedule to complete before the end of July.

USS Carl Vinson Carrier

February 15, 2017


The USS Carl Vinson visited Guam from February 10 – 14, 2017. Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) supported the strike group during inbound and outbound moves. CMC's Marine Operation Division provided Pilot & Tug services for the strike group's safe navigation within our beautiful harbor led by Capt. Edgar Jabinigay, CMC's Chief Pilot and Marine Ops GM who coordinated this 4-Tug effort (inbound & outbound) along with the hardworking and dedicated crew below:


  • Quipuha Crew – Neil Mian (Captain), Buenaventura Montevirgen (Engineer), with AB’s Felix Aladad and Eme Lloyd Lamparero.


  • Talofofo Crew – Romeo Arbilo (Captain), Ronald Oplado (Engineer), and Ricardo Blas (Deckhand)


  • Mangilao – Dante Geolingo (Captain), Fermin Biliran (Engineer), with Deckhands Jerry Porras and Enrico Tolentino


  • Goliath – Nick Chargualaf (Captain), Larry Austria (Engineer), and Dionisio Fajardo (Deckhand)

USCG Cutter Assateague (Project Completion)

March 16, 2017


CMC successfully completed USCGC ASSATEAGUE’s Drydock repairs involved various trades and fields.  Repairs varied including Steel Hull and Structural Plating Repairs, Tanks, Propulsion Shaft, Speed Doppler, Sea Valves, Fuel Manifold Valves, Steering Gear, Rudder Assembly, Fin Stabilizers, Grey Water, Sewage Tanks and piping, U/W Body Preserve, Stern Tube Interior Surfaces Preserve, Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System, Ventilation System, Deck Covering, Main Mast Preserve and Galley Refrigerator/Freezer.  The period of performance of this avail was January 9, 2017 through March 15, 2017

MK VI (Project Completion)

February 24, 2017


CMC successfully completed two of MSC’s MK VI  class vessels (1202 and 1206 CMAV) during within the contracted project period from January 09, 2017 through February 22, 2017.  Maintenance and Repairs varied from Hull/Structure clean and painting, Machinery Propulsion - Water Jet Propulsion, Electrical connections weatherproofing, Auxiliary Machinery – Raw Water Strainers, Potable, Gray and Black Water inspections and cleaning.

International Safety Management (ISM) Training

March 13 – 17, 2017


CMC leadership in ship repair and marine operations recently completed basic ISM Training course and ISM Auditor course as part of its ongoing commitment to safety at sea.  Objectives of ISM are to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, and avoidance of damage to the environment, in particular, to the marine environment, and to property.  Training was provided by RINA Course instructor, Mr. Subrata Das who is the Principal Surveyor and Marine Manager for Singapore.

On January 13,2017, Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) dry docked the USCG Cutter Assateague.   This is the second USCG vessel federally awarded to CMC for ship repair overhaul in the last 12 months. Currently the USCG Assateague operates in the Coast Guard 14th District and reports to Sector Guam. Assateague supports multi-mission operations throughout Sector Guam’s vast area of responsibility, which includes the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zones surrounding Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and an international SAR area that includes the Republic of Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia, conducting search and rescue response missions, and ports, waterways and coastal security operations.


CMC utilized its 1000T Floating Dry Dock, AFDL-21 to accommodate the docking of Cutter Assateague.  CMC has invested in refurbishing and overhauling the AFDL-21, a former U.S. Navy Floating Dry Dock, to better serve ship repair needs of the military and commercial enterprises.  The AFDL-21 received an All Boats Repair (ABR) accreditation from Military Sealift Command and is located at the CMC Ship Repair Facility in the Commercial Port of Guam F2 Pier.  CMC professional workforce in shore side services, preservation, structural, mechanical, electrical, machining and ground transportation will carry out overhaul requirements for the 60 day period of performance.  CMC Management and Quality Control understands the importance of USCG mission and will  deliver a quality overhaul within the POP. 

Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) was recently awarded two (2) MK VI Class vessels for dry dock overhaul by the Military Sealift Command (MSC) Contract HQ.  The NAVSEA Special Operation Patrol Crafts are homeported in Naval Base Guam to protect military missions in our region.  The 85ft patrol crafts support search-and-seizure operations, maritime intercept operations, mine hunting and fast attack security force combats. Although, only 8 have been built the US Navy plans to acquire a total of 48 Mark VI Patrol Boats for its fleet.

On January 11, 2017,
CMC docked both MK VI Class vessels on their 5 acre ship repair facility which has 720 linear feet of dock space.  CMC's ship repair facility is located at #176 Industrial Ave, Cabras Commercial Port Guam.  CMC’s roster of skilled trades in Rigging, Welding (ABS Class), Shipfitting, Pipefitting, Electrical, Machining, Mechanical, Scaffolding and Preservation will accomplish the overhaul requirements and the CMC Program Management Team will ensure that the 30 day Period of Performance is met with complete Customer Satisfaction.

YC-1537 Afloat Work and Drydocking

November 28, 2016

CMC recently completed work onboard the YC-1537 Barge with undocking taking place on November 28, 2016.  There work onboard the barge consisted of 2 phases.1st Phase – Afloat Work.  Period of Performance: August 01, 2016 – August 31, 2016. Work performed included Gas Free Services, Cargo Tank Inspections, Main Deck, Port and STBD Sides, and Hazardous Waste Removal.  2nd Phase – Drydock Work.  Period of Performance: October 12, 2016 – November 30, 2016 (undocked Nov 28th).  Work performed included Underwater Hull Repair, Inspection of Hull Zinc Anodes, and Ultrasonic Hull Gauging

Thanksgiving Luncheon


​November 23, 2016


​CMC hosted its Thanksgiving Luncheon and Employee Recognition for 3rd Quarter 2016.  The celebration took place at our PACDIM F2 Facility with a variety of Thanksgiving dishes donated by managers and employees throughout the entire organization.  Under the CMC umbrella, there was an excellent turnout with employee and leadership representation from SRF, PACSEA, PAP, Seabridge, OSRO, and CABTUG Marine Operations.  Outstanding employees were also recognized as nominees for 3rd Quarter, Employee of the Quarter (EOQ).  The following employees received EOQ honors –


​Safety Awardee – Ray Cruz (Rigger, PACDIM SRF)


​Exempt EOQ – Catherine Aquino (Production Clerk, PACDIM)


Ship Repair EOQ – Marc Gogue (Electrician Apprentices, PACDIM SRF)


Operations EOQ – Christopher Williams (Boat Operator, PACSEA)

Department of Labor

Registered Apprenticeship Industry Forum

November 17-18, 2016


CMC was invited to present during the Guam Registered Apprenticeship Industry Forum, held on November 17-18, 2016.  CMC HR Director, Wayne Bigler, conducted the presentation and served as part of a panel discussion with other employers, on how registered apprenticeship has helped their respective company’s workforce. Mr. Bigler emphasized CMC’s leadership commitment on revitalizing ship repair as a core industry on Guam and committed to educating and developing the local workforce through its Apprenticeship Program.  The forum proved successful on how the Apprenticeship Program creates a win-win situation for employers and the island community, as many leaders and business owners who were not aware of the benefits signed up for the program.  Mr. Bigler also acknowledged his CMC team and encouraged for employers to approach the program collectively.  CMC received a strong message of appreciation from the Director of Labor and has been asked to speak at future events.

Leadership additions to the CMC Family

Will joined the CMC group as its Chief Financial Officer in April 2016.  He brings over 11 years of finance and banking experience, most recently as an Assistant Vice President and Business Banker with First Hawaiian Bank.  In his spare time, Will remains active in the community, currently serving as Director and Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Guam.  Will previously served as Regent to the University of Guam, advisor for Junior Achievement Guam, regular participant in Habitat for Humanity projects, and other efforts to improve the lives and well-being of others on Guam. Will is passionate about his family including wife, Maria, and their three children, and is an avid ocean-goer.  

Krystle Merfalen was recently promoted to Deputy General Manager of PADCIM SRF in May 2016.  She joined our team back in September 2009 as an Office Manager for Pacair Properties, one of our affiliate companies. In 2013,Krystle took a one year hiatus to serve as the Executive Director of FDMS Endowment Foundation. Krystle returned to CMC in February 2014 as the
Contracts Manager for PACDIM SRF before being promoted to her current position in the organization. She brings over 8 years of contracting and finance experience. She holds an MBA in Finance. Krystle is passionate about
Ship Repair which is evident in her work ethic and dedication to the
industry and our organization. Her relationships with our customers is verypositive. She has been a great asset to our team. In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing with her family including her husband, Ray, and their three children.

Starting out as an Administrative Assistant with PACAIR Properties (a subsidiary of CMC) in April 2008, Barbara has worked her way up the ranks going above and beyond her normal duties to support our CMC family.  Barbara transferred to PACSEA in 2010 and held the positon as a Production Control Clerk with PACSEA before she accepted a well-deserved promotion on October 2016.

The USS Ronald Reagan Strike Group visited Guam from Sept. 24 through Sept. 29.  Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) supported the strike group during inbound and outbound moves. 


CMC's Marine Operation Division provided Pilot & Tug services for the strike group's safe navigation within our beautiful harbor. Piloting onboard the carrier for both inbound/outbound was Capt. Edgar Jabinigay, CMC's Chief Pilot and Marine Ops GM who coordinated this 4-Tug move effort. CMC Marine Ops personnel to assist both inbound and outbound included Captain's Nick Chargualaf, Neil Mian 

Colin Campbell, Romeo Arbilo, Dante Geolingo, John Salas, and Rudy Cariaga;



Bernie Ednaco, Fermin Biliran, Precioso Flores, Larry Austria, Jun
Montivergen, Ermilo Redil, and Ronald Oplado; and Deckand's Chito Martin,
Eme Lloyd Lamparero, Dionisio Fajardo, Albert Mian, and Ricardo Blas .


Labor Day Celebration

September 3, 2016

It was a beautiful day of fun under the sun as CMC celebrated its employees and their families on September 3rd in honor of the Labor Day Holiday.  The celebration took place beach side at “The Cove” in Tamuning and was packed with fun, family-filled activities – volleyball games, kids art face-painting, rock climbing, air jumpers, and water slides to name a few.  Music entertainment provided by the band “Service Entrance” with our very own Allan Aguon showcasing his DJ skills jamming island tunes to set the mood.  Under the CMC umbrella, there was an excellent turnout with employee and leadership representation from SRF, PACSEA, PAP, Seabridge, OSRO, and CABTUG Marine Operations.  Special guests included representatives from the USCG – Commander James Campbell and Commander Christie Casey (with her family).


Outstanding employees were also recognized as nominees for 1st & 2nd Quarter, Employee of the Quarter (EOQ).  The following employees received EOQ honors –

Safety Awardees

1st Quarter – Marson Kilafwakun (Welder, PACDIM F2)

2nd Quarter – Melbourne Talledo (Welder, Electrician Apprentice)


Employee of the Quarter (1st QTR)

Christian Consebido (Exempt) – Assistant Production Manager, PACDIM SRF

Jecker Cristales (Ship Repair) – Electrician, PACDIM SRF

Larry Austria (Operations) – Engineer, Marine Operations


Employee of the Quarter (2ND QTR)

Leonard Rillera (Exempt) – Assistant Production Manager, PACDIM F2

Glen Gutierrez (Ship Repair) – QC Inspector PACDIM F2


Ronald Oplado (Operations) – Unlicensed Engineer, Marine Operations


USNS Richard Byrd

04 - 31 Jul

USNS Richard Byrd - POP: 04 - 31 Jul (Project Ongoing) // Highlights: 28 Day MTA. Package is heaving in preservation and pipefitting jobs. Other various repairs including structural, mechanical, and electrical items.


April 01, 2016 - June 30, 2016

US Navy SWOB-38 2016 Dry Dock Repairs

Period of Performance: April 01, 2016 - June 30, 2016 PACDIM SRF successfully completed a quality overhaul product on Navy SWOB 38. Work included Preservation of the Main Deck, Freeboard, Deck House, Internal Tanks & Voids and Underwater Hull. Other work included 600 SFT. of Structural Repairs, Replacement of Hull D Fenders and Zinc Anodes, Ultrasonic gauging, installation, Solar Power charging system and the replacement of lifeline stanchions & sockets.










USNS Charles Drew

30 May - 27 Jun


USNS Charles Drew -30 May - 27 Jun // Highlights: 28 Day MTA. The package included various repairs, but was heavy in structural, piping, and mechanical jobs. Our mechanics also assisted with a 20KW engine overhaul.


Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) 1000-4000 Graduation


July 8, 2016


Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) and its affiliate employees recently participated and successfully completed the DDE 1000/4000 Horsepower Course conducted by Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy (MAMA) Trains. The 160 course was held from June 20 - July 8, 2016 at our OSRO Facility and conducted by Instructor Ray Blanchet. Applicants who successfully complete the Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) 1000/4000 Horsepower (MARUNI-156) course within 1 year of application will satisfy the professional examination requirements of 46 CFR 11.903(a)(34) for national officer endorsement as Designated Duty Engineer Less Than 4,000 HP Motor. Congratulations to our employees and a special thanks to Ray Blanchet and MAMA Trains. Pictured left to right - Larry Austria (CMC), Jacob Castro (PACSEA), Ronald Oplado (CMC), MAMA Instructor Ray Blanchet, Maximo Agulto (Saipan Marine Corporation), Danilo Gacusan (CMC), and Enrico Tolentino (Seabridge Inc.)

                                                                                                        May 25, 2016

                                                   Cabras Marine Corporation Celebrates First Graduating Apprenticeship Class



CMC recognized its first graduating apprenticeship class of 2015-2016, with the ceremony being held at the Top of Mar on May 25th. Graduates were presented with a special crystal plaque mirroring their well-deserved diploma given the week before (05/13/16), at the Guam Community College graduation ceremony.  Graduates include - Eric Villanueva (Welder, Combo), Vincent Quichocho (Welder, Combo), Anthony Santos Jr. (Welder-Fitter), and Dakota Topasna  (Pipefitter).  With the completion of the Apprenticeship Program, the graduates are now certified through the National Center for Construction Education and Research  (NCCER).

Celebrating CMC's first class included CMC Owner Terry Watkins, elected island dignitaries, members of the armed forces, families of graduates, and apprentice candidates.  Keynote speakers included the Honorable Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio, the Honorable Congresswoman Madeline Z. Bordallo, and Dr. Mary Okada,  President of GCC. CMC President, Joe Cruz, reiterated in his presentation CMC's commitment to build and train a qualified local work force, by continuing to expand and graduate more apprentices in the very near future. "While we're celebrating just 4 graduates now, please note that this is our first ever graduating class with many more apprentice candidates graduating in the very near future. It is our goal to graduate 100 apprentices over the course of the next four years."


May 05, 2016

USCG Cutter Washington


Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) successfully dry docked the USCG Cutter Washington in its Floating Dry Dock located at the Commercial Port of Guam.  The Floating Dry Dock, AFDL-21,  is a former US Navy Dock with a rated capacity of 1,000 tons, LOA  of 61M and Width of 19.5M.  CMC provides a full range of Ship Repair Services at its waterfront facility PACDIM. For more information regarding CMC Ship Repair Capability and Services, please contact our Business Office at (671)477-1818











OSROCO Barge and Skimmer

February 12, 2016


OSROCO and its partner T and T Marine Salvage recently elevated its Asset inventory by including a Barge and Skimmer device to be utilized for Open Ocean skimming in the event of a major oil spill on Guam.  The new system was introduced during the December 2015 opening of OSROCO’s new standalone Oil Spill Response Facility located on waterfront property adjacent to the Harbor of Refuge.


PACDIM Chassis


Chassis operation, a component of its ship repair activity at PACDIM, continuously performs the necessary repair work on Matson chassis.

Date: February 12, 2016



Date: February 14, 2016


Cabras Marine’s four tractor tugs - M/T Quipuha, M/T Goliath, M/T Mangilao and M/T Talofofo – successfully docked and undocked the USS JOHN C. STENNIS, the seventh Nimitz-class nuclear-powered super carrier under the guidance of Capt. Edgar Jabinigay, CMC’s Senior Harbor Pilot, during their port call from February 14-17, 2016.


POP: 16 Jan2016 – 07Mar2016


CMC successfully completed its recent MTA for the submarine Tender, USNS FRANK CABLE while at mid-moor in Polaris Point. The total project value was USD $6.7M. In this project, CMC completed the main scope of work plus 107 RFP’s all within the allotted timeframe. In a meeting with CMC President, Joe Cruz and attended by MSC-SSU Commander Matt Armstrong and Government PPE, Mr. Emil Fabrigas, the Master of the USNS FRANK CABLE expressed his satisfaction with CMC’s efforts and commented that CMC’s performance exceeded his expectations.

Celebrating the retirement of Captain Stanely C. Hall.


After 26 amazing years with Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) , Captain Stanley C. Hall announced his retirement on February 26, 2016, exactly the same day he was hired back in 1990.  Captain Hall has served on ocean going charters, harbor operations, and supported both Guam and Saipan as a Senior Pilot and Operations Manager providing guidance and training within the Marine Operations, and has been a huge contributor with our Company’s success.  Also participating in a less active role, Captain Hall remains part of the CMC family and will continue to assist in our Company operations.  We wish Captain Hall all the best and congratulate him on his 26 years with CMC!  Thanks Captain Hall.

2014 – 2015 Company Christmas Party

Date: December 20, 2015


Location: Arriola Family Beach, Merizo


The Cabras Marine Family celebrated its employees at the Company’s 2014-2015 Christmas Party down at the beautiful Arriola Family beach in Malesso.  A day of fun under the sun celebrating our continued teamwork and success heading into 2016 and the years to come.  Amazing raffle prizes donated by the management team and Company partners, along with beautiful music provided by DJ Mufasa and Guam’s premier band DUB, delicious food from Boka’s catering, volleyball games, and much for a special day.  Special thanks to the Arriola Family allowing the perfect venue for an amazing team. Happy Holidays!!!

Frank Cable VR

POP (and total days): 16 Nov – 31 Dec (46 Days)

Location: Alpha Pier, Polaris Point


Details of package: CMC is currently finishing up a 46 day Voyage Repair Availability on the USS Frank Cable AS-40 sub-tender at Alpha Pier inside Polaris Point Guam. The availability consists of various structural repairs, terrazzo decking replacement, insulation replacement, steam and auxiliary valve overhauls, and a couple of trans-alt jobs. CMC has also contracted various subcontractors to conduct repairs and annual inspections such as a UWILD inspection, laundry exhaust vent cleaning, MOV overhaul and repairs, and staging of the ship’s main mast. 

Emory S. Land VR

POP (and total days): 03 Oct – 03 Nov (32 Days)

Location: Sierra Pier, Naval Base Guam


Details of package: CMC recently completed a 32 Day Voyage Repair Availability on the USS Emory S. Land AS-39 sub-tender at Sierra Pier inside Naval Base Guam. The repair consisted of various trades including structural, pipe fitters, insulators, painter-blasters, and outside machinists. In addition, CMC also contracted various subcontractors to do repairs and annual inspections such as vent ducting replacement, fire fighting annual inspections, 5 ton crane annual inspection and re-certification, laundry exhaust cleaning, and propeller polishing and cleaning. 


USCG & Cabras Marine Industry Day

October 8, 2015


Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) and its subsidiaries welcomed the USCG on October 8, 2015 to partner on marine safety.  Visitors from the USCG include LCDR Christy Casey, LT Kimberly Rule, and CWO Joseph Schwierking.  The industry day presentation focused on Marine Casualty Reporting and provided an interactive discussion amongst the Marine Operations Personnel.  In addition to our mariners, attendance included key leadership from Cabras Marine, Saipan Marine Corp, Saipan Crewboats Inc, and Seabridge Inc.  To maintain current on the latest maritime updates, the USCG and CMC will continue to partner and hold future industry forums.

  • USS Frank Cable VRA 

    • POP: 10 August – 30 September (51 Days)

    • Location: Alpha Pier

    • USS FCB VRA is currently in progress at Alpha Pier in Polaris Point. This package should last 50 days requiring trades mostly in structural and mechanical shops. 

  • USNS Wally Schirra MTA 

    • POP: 02 July – 05 August (34 Days)

    • Location: Lima Pier

    • USNS WSC MTA was conducted at Lima Pier in PACDIM SRF. The MTA was 34 days long requiring trades mostly in structural, painter/blasting, shipwrights, and outside machinists. The package also required their flight deck to be renewed in accordance with their 5 year AVCERT inspection. Other subcontractors required on this package were life raft annual certifications, MOV Controller Repairs, FM 200 Annual Testing, and Galley and Laundry ducting cleaning. 

  • USNS John Ericsson MTA

    • POP: 01 April – 11 May (42 Days)

    • Location: Lima Pier

    • USNS JEC MTA was conducted at Lima Pier in PACDIM SRF. The MTA was 42 days long requiring various trades such as outside machinists, structural, electricians, pipe fitters, etc. The package was also heavy in specialized subcontractors for Diesel Engine overhauls, Life Boat renewals, Circuit Breaker cleaning, Rescue Boat repairs, and Galley cleaning.

Cabras Marine Corporation welcomed Assistant SECNAV, David McGinn

April 2 2015


On April 02, 2015 Cabras Marine Corporation welcomed Assistant Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) David McGinn to PACDIM SRF for a brief on its capabilities and tour of the Facilities.  On hand for the tour was COTP James Pruett, Capt. Andy Anderson, Capt. Glenn Shepard, and Capt. Alvarez from the U.S. Navy with John Manibusan, Gerry Hammond, and Wayne Bigler of Cabras Marine Corporation.

USNS Carl Brashear

March 2 2015


CMC welcomed the USNS Carl Brashear (TAK-E), to the pier at PACDIM SRF on March 2, 2015 to perform a 28 day Mid Term Availability. The package for the USNS Carl Brashear consists of 19 work items ranging from pipefitting to mechanical overhauls.  The USNS Carl Brashear is commanded by Captain Michael Grogan and his Chief Engineer is Charles Hurt. 


This is the second ship that CMC has performed services for in 2015. Recently, CMC completed emergent repairs and a scheduled Mid Term Availability on the USNS Amelia Earhart which was completed on February 26, 2015. “CMC is pleased that the MSC has been sending ships to Guam for repairs at PACDIM SRF” said Joseph Cruz. “The work will enable CMC to sustain a workforce to support the repair of US MSC ships on Guam”. CMC employs over 250 skilled personnel and the presence of these ships to be repaired on Guam helps support a large workforce.


Celebrating Our Employees of 4th Quarter 2014


On February 20, 2015, CMC kicked off the start of the new year celebrating its employees and recognizing the outstanding performers of 4th Quarter, 2014.  Each area within the CMC family was well represented as there were a total of 35 nominees for Employee of the Quarter. 

4th Quarter Awardees

  • Employee of the Year 2014 – Krystle Merfalen, Contracting Officer

  • Operations (Ops): Gil Bautista, Marine Mechanic & Alejo Felera, Marine Mechanic

  • Ship Repair (SR): Wayne Kawabata, Pipefitter & Rufino “Raffy” Bato, Shipfitter

  • Administration: Juliana Moore, Accounting Assistant

  • Safety Award: Leanade Cabrera, Sheetmetal Apprentice & John Berrios, QC Inspector


Nominees: David Mayo, Club Car Tech Sup. (PacSports), Rachel Brub, Supervisor (PAP), Claudine Camacho, Supervisor (PacAir), Mary Hiura, Accounting (CMC), Juliana Moore, Accounting Assistant (CMC); Alejo Felera, Marine Mech. (Ops); Gil Bautista, Marine Mech. (Ops); Antonio Genovania, Marine Mech. (Ops); David Cruz, General Helper (PAP); Lance Rivera, Special Proj. Coordinator (PAP); Daniel Gumataotao, General Helper (PAP); Kaleo Badon, General Helper (PAP); Kirby Versario, Mechanic (PACSEA); Oliver Berjerana, Mechanic (PACSEA); Marrisa Guerrero, Parking Attendant (PacAir); Roberto Marquida, Marine Mech. (OSROCO); Nick Chargualaf, Master (Ops); Larry Austria, Unlicensed Engineer (Ops); Dante Geolingo, Deckhand (Ops); Tony Cruz, Chassis Welder (Chassis); Eulogio Ibit, Engineer (Ops); Anthony Santos, Welder-Fitter Apprentice (SR); Alexander Fernandez, Welder-Fitter (SR); Wayne Kawabata, Pipefitter (SR); Isauro Ragadio, Sheetmetal Mech. (SR); Eddie Quilanlang, Pipefitter (SR); Luis Santos, Shipfitter (SR); Nestor Manalo, Shipfitter (SR); Roger Dela Pena, Welder-Fitter (SR); Hermingaldo Semela, Welder-Fitter (SR); Rufo Elizalde , Welder-Fitter (SR); Amor Agagas, Welder-Fitter (SR); Eddie Vincente, Painter/Blaster (SR); Romuel David, Structural (SR), Rufino Bato, Shipfitter (SR)

USNS Amelia Earhart

March 3 2015


January 20, 2015 - USNS Amelia Earhart: Joseph L. Cruz, left, Cabras Marine Corp. president; Cmdr. Joseph Casale, center, commanding officer of the Military Sealift Command on Guam; and Terry Marshall Watkins, owner of Cabras Marine Corp., are photographed at the ship repair facility on U.S. Naval Base Guam, yesterday. In the background is the military supply ship USNS Amelia Earhart, which is undergoing about $4 million worth of routine repairs. Cabras Marine won the contract to repair military ships on Guam in 2013. Photo by Gaynor Dumat-ol Daleno, Pacific Daily News


Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) recently completed the Mid-Term Availability (MTA) of USNS Amelia Earhart.  The Lewis and Clark-class dry cargo ship deploys worldwide to replenish warships at sea and was most recently in the Arabian Gulf last winter and comes to Guam for regular maintenance.


In addition to its scheduled maintenance, the USNS Amelia Earhart experienced damage to the hull prior to her arrival.  Through its skilled workforce and resources, CMC was able to complete the MTA on time and was successful in its first hull repair which involved actual cutting into the ship, and replacing the steel.  CMC’s efforts fortifies Guam’s capabilities in providing ship repair services in the mid-Pacific.


 Further news coverage on the repair of the USNS Amelia Earhart and CMC’s services can be reviewed on Guam PDN’s link



Cabras Marine Corporation welcomed Commander Paul Harvey

November 12 2014



 On Aug07/14, Cabras Marine Corporation welcomed Commander Paul Harvey to PACDIM SRF and PACDIM for a brief on its capabilities and tour of the Facilities.  On hand for the tour was Capt. Paul Harvey, CDR Joe Casale from the U.S. Navy with John Manibusan, Wayne Bigler and Peter Torres of Cabras Marine Corporation.

USNS Amelia Earhart

June 22 2014



Cabras Marine Corporation completed a 20 day Voyage Repair for USNS Amelia Earhart on Jun22/14.  It involved 22 work items ranging from painting/blasting to various structural repairs including HAZMAT door replacements.

USNS Ericsson

June 1 2014



Cabras Marine Corporation completed its first MTA for USNS Ericsson on June 1, 2014.  The vessel arrived April 14th for a 42 day period with 50-60 work items ranging from installation of new boilers to deck plate repairs, lagging, vent cleaning and motor repair.


DOL Regional Administrator Ms. Tarah Holt Site Visit
March 10th, 2020

Cabras Marine Corporation (CMC) values the partnerships made with the Department of Labor and Guam Community College (GCC) to further promote apprenticeship programs here on Guam. It was an absolute pleasure to have the DOL’s Regional Administrator Ms. Tarah Holt visit our PACDIM Facility and discuss apprenticeship opportunities. Joining Ms. Holt were members of Guam Department of Labor – Gerry Toves (Deputy Director), Phyllis Topasna (Apprenticeship Program Coordinator), Malory Cruz & Arlene Carbullido (Project Coordinator).   We are appreciative that Ms. Holt took the time to hear our background story and how we continue to strive in being part of the solution. Our Ship Repair Boot Camp has proven to be a successful program as there have been two batches of a total 42 graduates who successfully completed the 12-week course. We are committed to creating opportunities for these hard-working individuals and expect to continue hosting Boot Camps for all areas in the maritime industry.

Hurao & Endurance Arrival on Guam
March 10th, 2020

Cabras Marine Corporation had the pleasure of welcoming the latest addition to our fleet M/T Hurao and M/T Endurance on Guam early Tuesday morning. The two tugs made a grand entrance as they were welcomed by sister tugs Matua, Goliath, Talofofo, and Agility. The two tugs are U.S. Flagged and will operate in support of commercial and military operations in Apra Harbor. CMC is committed to investing in the future of Guam by creating job opportunities and showcasing Guam’s strategic location for port operations and military presence.

Tamaraw/S7000 Departure to Diego Garcia
March 4th, 2020

Early Wednesday morning our dynamic tug and barge duo, M/T Tamaraw and Barge S7000 embarked to Diego Garcia in support of Black Construction Corporation’s awarded contract to reconstruct the runway at the DG airport facility. Our company President, Joseph Cruz, and HR Director, Wayne Bigler, can be seen sharing a few words and showing appreciation t;lk[oowards our brave crew who are about to commence on a 6-month long voyage. Cabras Marine Corporation fully supports our crew members throughout our operations and wish for a safe return back to Guam!

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